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About Cutler

Let’s start with what we’re not. We’re not a financial giant offering the same 100-stock portfolio to thousands of investors across the country. We don’t get paid commissions on mutual funds or annuities, because we believe in aligning our interest with our clients. And we’re not a mom-and-pop financial advisor. When you work with Cutler, you’re not meeting with sales people or minimally trained representatives. You’re working with the people who actually craft your financial plan and manage your money.

Our Investment Style: Active Growth And Income With A Twist.

Since our beginnings as the family office of an independent investing entrepreneur, we’ve focused on growth and income using specific types of securities, including REITs, convertible securities and bank stocks. Our long expertise here benefits our clients — not only by offering seasoned management but in many cases taking advantage of opportunities that are highly attractive yet too small for global firms to bother with.

Our Wealth Management Approach: Planning With A Purpose.

Wealth management can be done “by the numbers”. But standard solutions often aren’t optimal for individuals who have a range of goals and interests they want their wealth to empower. Purposeful Wealth Management is based around creating true alignment with the things that most give each client a sense of purpose in life.