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There’s Wealth Management.
And There’s Managing Wealth With A Purpose.

What shapes your financial decision-making? We think it should be the same elements that shape your life. Elements such as your goals, your dreams, your character, your beliefs. The things that give life purpose.

Those things are different for every individual, every couple, every family. At Cutler, we build comprehensive wealth management plans that are tailored not only to the client’s circumstances but to their values.

By focusing on what matters, you can make choices –financial and otherwise – that genuinely reflect your values.

We’d like to show you how.

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    Financial Planning:
    For Today. For Tomorrow.
    For You.
    Investment Management:
    Supporting Your Goals and Strategies.
    Proprietary Strategies:
    Our Case For Active Investment Management

    What We Believe — And Why

    Successful investing is about seeing what others don’t. Looking in places others don’t think to look. At Cutler, we’ve built our capabilities — and our reputation — by doing exactly that.

    Instead of trying to outperform the thousands of other firms that follow large-cap stocks or government agency bonds, we look elsewhere. In particular, we focus on markets that aren’t cost-effective for the big national firms to bother with. And we seek superior risk-adjusted returns that include strong income flows as well as attractive growth over time.

    “Different ideas, transparency, open communication — that’s the Cutler way.”
    Geoff Dancey

    Financial Life, Meet Your Personal Trainer.

    To get your financial life in good shape while also aligning it with your personal life is nothing new for Mike Hogan. A Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), Mike can combine state-of-the-art planning techniques with Cutler’s personal values emphasis and asset management experience to create a purposeful wealth management plan for you.

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