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Wealth Management That Has Only One Purpose: Yours.

We believe effective wealth management begins with considerations that have nothing to do with wealth. Taking time to consider what you truly want out of life is the essential first step toward managing your wealth in a way that truly brings happiness and fulfillment.

For many, goals and desires will center around one or more of these areas:
  • family and relationships
  • authenticity, spirituality, creativity
  • legacies and making a mark
  • community, empowerment, giving back
  • exploration, learning, new experiences
  • starting a new chapter

By focusing on what matters, you can make choices –financial and otherwise – that genuinely reflect your values. And by building on your values, the wealth managers at Cutler will create a comprehensive wealth management plan that supports and reflects your life purpose.

A Financial Plan That’s More Than The Sum Of Its Parts

What does it mean to look at the totality of your financial life? It means crafting a comprehensive wealth management approach that addresses not just your investments, but other aspects of your finances — retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, risk management and more.

It also means looking past the standard solutions to coordinate elements of your plan so that the entire financial plan maps directly to your own life plans and contingencies. After all, the test of a good wealth management plan isn’t its sophistication or theoretical soundness but how well it comes together to support your goals and aspirations.