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The Foundations Of Our Financial Planning

Cutler is here to help its clients connect aspects of their financial lives, including: investment management, retirement/education fund planning, tax planning, and estate and trust services. By partnering with your other trusted advisors (CPAs, attorneys, insurance specialists, etc.) we create a comprehensive financial plan that incorporates the best thinking of your team. We work with you to bring these professionals together in a manner that is comfortable for you.

During life’s transitions, whether you have sold your business and are planning cash flow or are planning for your retirement, we will focus our and your attention on those areas that are most relevant.

We Are Fiduciaries.

While the law does not require financial planners to adhere to the fiduciary standard — and many big-name firms don’t — we believe it’s essential. Only by pledging to put your interests ahead of our own can we serve you with the highest degree of loyalty and honesty. We have followed this standard since our inception in 2003.

We Are Independent.

Cutler is not owned or affiliated with a bank or investment company. We are not concerned with needing to meet sales quotas because we don’t have those. Our advice is always objective and focused on your best interests.

We Are Holistic.

Cutler looks at all dimensions of financial life as well as the key dimensions of real life. To us, it’s all one picture, and needs to be considered that way. In practice, this involves integration across all types of financial considerations as well as integration of financial and personal considerations.

Investment Management

Investment management involves creating a portfolio that best fits your long term goals and comfort level – from aggressive to defensive – all while allowing for customization for the myriad life events that you may face.

Risk Management

We review portfolio elements as well as overall portfolio dynamics to construct an overall plan and a portfolio that take limited risks and always consider the potential reward. Additionally, we will review your insurance needs and discuss options related to life, disability and long-term care policies.

Retirement Planning

Ensuring sufficient income for life without being too conservative is always a challenge. It’s also one that changes over time— often significantly. It’s important to keep your retirement planning up to date with your life circumstances.

Tax Planning

Most performance numbers are pre-tax, meaning that what an investor can realize is always less, sometimes significantly so. Tax planning is where personal goals and liquidity patterns can suggest certain strategies, weightings, or techniques that can reduce actual taxes paid.

Cash Flow Planning

Cash flow is not just budgeting. It is intentionally managing income, savings, and expenses to make sure you are meeting your savings goals, obligations and that your cash flow behavior matches your priorities.

Estate Planning

Your legacy is your opportunity to direct your wealth to fulfilling your goals for generations to come. We can help make your wishes a reality.

Education Planning

With tuition at record highs and continuing to climb, it’s more important than ever to work with professionals who can help you with a comprehensive plan to finance all family members with educational aspirations.

Business Planning

Whether starting, running, or expanding a business, we can help with the business side as well as how it connects to your personal finances.