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The Cutler Difference

Let’s start with what we’re not. We’re not a financial giant offering the same 100-stock portfolio to thousands of investors across the country. We don’t sell mutual funds or annuities, because we don’t believe in adding an extra layer of fees. And we’re not a mom-and-pop financial advisor.

We are investors. When you work with Cutler, you’re not meeting with sales people or minimally trained representatives. You’re working with the people who actually manage your money.

Cutler is a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to investing only in those areas where they believe they can add value. A prime example is convertible securities. While the structure of these securities helps deliver a desirable blend of income, growth, and asset protection, there are not enough convertible securities available to make it worthwhile for the major firms to follow the market. So most investors remain unfamiliar with convertibles, leaving the opportunities of this market to a comparatively small investor population. To us, this suggests the type of market inefficiency that can create real investment opportunities.