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Cutler Risk Assessment Form

    Please Enter Your Name:

    Do you currently have an investment policy statement?

    If yes, when was it last reviewed?

    By what institution?

    Which one of the following statements best describes your primary investment objective?

    What is the time horizon for these investments? When do you anticipate needing those assets?

    Which statement best describes your preference for income?

    How much volatility (risk) are you will to accept in your investment portfolio?

    The worst performance in my investment portfolio I have actually experienced in a year, is a loss of?

    Were you comfortable with the fluctuation?

    If you invested $1,000,000 in a diversified portfolio and it performed in line with the broad markets that lost value during the first year, at what point would you sell?

    Below are the potential ranges of returns of five $1,000,000 portfolios over a one year period. For example, if you owned portfolio "C", your worst-case scenario is a loss of $115,000 and your best-case scenario is a gain of $255,000 (actual return could be any amount in between). Assuming this is the only information you have, which portfolio would you choose?

    Given your investment goals, time horizon, and your tolerance for market fluctuations, select where you would place yourself on the following scale.

    1 = capital preservation is more important than high total return
    10 = maximizing return is the priority, volatility of the portfolio is not a factor

    Please comment on any personal or financial information you feel we should understand and would assist us in meeting your needs.